St. Louis Drug Detox

Substance abuse can take on many forms as the drug settles into your body. Regardless of your personal situation with drugs, your dependency may grow to consume your life if you don’t seek quality outpatient or inpatient drug rehabilitation. Our team of addiction professionals understands that it’s tough to admit to a problem.


Learning about drug detox

You may have heard about addiction treatment in St. Louis before, but you may not understand how the detox process works. Detoxification is simply the physical cleansing of the drug from your body. Whether you inject, smoke or consume the substance, it enters all of your tissues at some point.

Over time, the cells in your body become accustomed to the drug permeating the area. They actually adapt to the chemicals, which causes you to feel dependent on the substance. Your body literally craves the missing components when you aren’t high on the chemical.

Drug detoxification is a controlled situation where professionals monitor your progress. For some people, this part of drug rehabilitation is the most difficult period. You must force your body to go through withdrawal. However, the situation is short-lived as professionals help you through the process. You’ll emerge with a clearer mind than before.

Be aware that performing your own detox session isn’t recommended. It’s imperative to have professionals surrounding you during withdrawal. You’ll feel more comfortable, and any medical issues can be dealt with as necessary. Putting the body under stress while experiencing withdrawal might require intervention at some point. Speak live with an addiction professional today at (855) 204-6355 to learn more about the importance of supervised detox.


Drug detox options

Statistics for heroin use suggest that more adults than teens use the substance in the state of Missouri. With similar statistics that reflect other age-group digressions regarding substance choice, it’s critical to have various detox options in order to serve these populations.

A natural drug detox program requires you to stop the drug use entirely. With no drugs in your system, the body naturally fights off the dependency. Medical professionals can monitor your health during the entire process.

Medical detox involves prescriptions written by the professionals that give you some relief from the withdrawal symptoms. Most people choose medicated inpatient drug rehab because it offers the safest and most comfortable process. If you’re dependent on strong opiates, relieving the withdrawal symptoms is a saving grace as you deal with tremors, heart rate changes and other issues.

Regardless of the chosen detox method, professionals will always watch over your progress. Working together toward a common goal is crucial in any inpatient drug abuse treatment program.


What to expect during drug detox

An unfamiliar situation can make you feel uneasy, so we are here to ease your worries. Call us so that we can discuss the drug addiction recovery process with you. We’re familiar with facilities in the local area and high-quality drug rehabs across the country, and can direct you to one that suits your needs.

You’ll move temporarily into a comfortable room during inpatient detox. Remaining in the facility during the detox is required so that medical professionals can keep an eye on your progress. You’ll start to feel withdrawal symptoms a few hours after your last hit, in most cases. These symptoms can range from mild to severe. You’re welcome to notify a professional when the symptoms are bothersome.

Medical personnel will evaluate the situation, and they’ll offer the appropriate medications. Each medication is designed to complement the drug dependence so that symptoms are eased while you avoid any addiction to the medicated substance.

After several days, you’ll notice the withdrawal symptoms subsiding. You may be clean after one week, but some drugs take longer to work out of the body’s systems. Your monitoring staff can tell you when it’s time to move forward with your treatment. To learn more about this process, speak to a member of our team of addiction specialists at (855) 204-6355 today.


Narrowing down your options

When you’re dealing with dependence, picking out a drug abuse program in St. Louis may seem intimidating. Confide in a loved one that you have a problem. Be honest about every detail in your life. It won’t be easy, but you’ll be amazed by the freedom that comes with that simple step.

Work with your loved ones and our addiction specialists to research local programs. Each substance abuse treatment facility has a slightly different strategy for fighting dependence. You might prefer a natural detox compared to a medicated one. However, keep your options open when the detox process begins. If your withdrawal symptoms are painful, you may switch to a medicated pathway. There’s no shame in leaning on medications as you rid yourself of a drug.

Be sure that your chosen facility offers more than just detox help. In reality, detoxification is your first step toward a new life. It’s not considered inpatient addiction treatment until you move on to the psychological portion of the process.


Therapeutic discussions

Your body may be free from the substance, but your mind will still crave it. After detox, it’s critical to move directly into a therapeutic program. Both private and group discussions are beneficial to your situation. You must learn why you crave a substance and how to avoid it.

You’ll learn about triggers. These situations, people and locations typically remind you of drug use. Through psychological discussions, you’ll learn about your personal triggers. Coping with them is the toughest job of all. Your therapist helps you cultivate a different mindset when triggers pop up. Calling a friend, taking a walk and enjoying other diversions will keep you on the sober pathway. Your mental health is just as important as the physical aspect.

Start your new life today by contacting our addiction specialists at (855) 204-6355. We’ll discuss the inpatient drug detox process and help you move into the program as swiftly as possible. You can have a better life when you break down that dependency and build up your mental strength. It only takes your dedication to start drug detox in St. Louis right now.

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